Free Photoshop Brushes from CC Market

By Terri Stone

While vector minimalism has its charms, there’s nothing like multiple layers of raster textures to give an image depth and richness. That’s why brushes are so popular.

If you’re a paid Creative Cloud subscriber, you can download many Adobe Photoshop CC brushes for free—just navigate to the Creative Cloud Market to browse through them (and other free files). One set we like is 20 Charcoal brushes (left), created by Bastien Lecouffe Deharme. Just look at the possibilities!

For brush guidance, watch the video “Learn to use Photoshop brushes.” If you’d like additional inspiration, check out Bastien’s explanation of how he created “Because the Fox Barks,” a digital painting that involved many brush strokes. (Note that the artwork is of a nude, so it may not be suitable viewing for some workplaces.)