Make It Impactful Contest Winners page

In the summer and fall of 2017, we will be running four Make It Impactful contests. This page will feature the winners and other editors’ picks.  

Make It Impactful: Optimizing Images with Lightroom

We asked participants to perfect a photo with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and then share the before and after images. Our winner is Kyle Slavin, with a perfected image he took on Easter Island. (To learn more about this contest, visit the tutorial page.)

We saw so many fantastic entries—among them, these editors’ picks, chosen for the variety and skill they represent.

Photograph by AnGelo Anojan Coonghe

Photograph by Noe Todorovich

Photograph by Jenny Zhou

Photograph by Anton Malishev

Photograph by Denise Crews

Photograph by Marian Rimpel

Photograph by Kenneth Ballenegger