If you have a question that is not covered on this Help page, or are experiencing difficulty viewing Adobe Create Magazine, please let us know.


What is Adobe Create Magazine?

Published by Adobe Systems, Adobe Create Magazine is a free website and app that contains original content geared toward informing, enlightening, and inspiring creative professionals and hobbyists. It was previously known as Adobe Inspire.

In what formats is Adobe Create Magazine offered?

Create Magazine is available for free at; on iTunes for iPads and iPhones; on the Google Play store for Android devices; and on the Windows Store for Windows 8.1+ devices. To be notified when we publish new articles and videos, sign up for our e-mail newsletter.


How do I subscribe to the Adobe Create e-mail newsletter?

  1. In a web browser, go to our Let's Be Friends page. Under "Sign up for our free email newsletter," click the Subscribe button.
  2. The Adobe ID sign-in page will appear in your browser. If you already have an ID, enter the correct email address and password. If you don’t have an Adobe ID, create one. It's free!
  3. Click "My preferences".
  4. Under "My content subscriptions", check the box next to "I would like to subscribe to Adobe Create Magazine."
  5. Click Update (bottom of the page).


Why haven't I received the Create e-mail newsletter yet?

There could be a few reasons for this:

  • It is possible that a new issue has not been published since you signed up.
  • The Create e-mail newsletter may have been caught in a spam filter. To ensure future delivery of the Create e-mail newsletter, please add to your address book, contacts, or safe sender list.
  • If you have not clicked on an issue of the Create e-mail newsletter during the last 12 months, you will automatically be unsubscribed from the newsletter. 


How can I change the address to which you send the Create e-mail newsletter?

  1. Go to
  2. At the top of the page, on the right side, click "Sign in" and enter your login credentials.
  3. Click "My information."
  4. Under My Adobe ID, enter your new Adobe ID (e-mail address) and click "Save my changes."


How do I unsubscribe from the Create e-mail newsletter?

In any Create e-mail newsletter, click "unsubscribe" (at the bottom of the newsletter) and follow the prompts.

Alternatively, you may mail your unsubscribe request to:
Adobe Systems Incorporated
Attn: Change of Address/Privacy
343 Preston Street
Ottawa, ON K1S 1N4


How do I troubleshoot the Create app that I downloaded for my tablet or phone?

If you are having an issue with an app you installed from the App Store, read Troubleshooting applications purchased from the App Store on the Apple tech support site.