An illustration created by Mike Winkelmann, better known as Beeple.

Best of Behance


By Terri Stone

Who: Beeple (Mike Winkelmann)

What: Work created in October 2014 as part of an “image a day” exercise


Behance member since: 2009

For the last seven years, Mike Winkelmann, also known as Beeple, has made an image every day. Every. Single. Day. Let’s take a moment to marvel at that kind of dedication.

Mike also creates and gives away short video clips and their source files for anyone to use and modify. And somehow, he still fits in enough paying work to make a living as a filmmaker, artist, and designer.

He didn’t develop those skills in school. “I went to school for computer science and got very little out of it,” Mike says. Instead, he has honed his eye and software chops through brute repetition: the image-creation process he calls his “everdays.” “I need the everydays just as much now as when I started. Even if it’s not directly learning a new feature or program, it’s getting better at designing. There’s no end to that. Everyone can always get better at designing.”

Inspiration for the everydays can come from anywhere. “I’ll look around on Pinterest or Behance or Tumblr and a shape will catch my eye. That’s enough for a loose idea to begin with, and from there it goes wherever. It’s limited by how much time I have that day and by when I get sick of it. Sometimes I realize it’s not great and is never going to be great, so I just end it for the day.”

Mike shares his everydays and video clips online for several reasons. “The exposure has got me jobs,” he says. “People come to me after seeing clips or everydays and ask for custom work. And I don’t feel a sense of ownership after I make something. Once you post it on the Internet, people can do what they want with it. Kids are going to copy things; that’s just how it is. You can fight against that or embrace it and move on.” Finally, learning is always paramount. “I would love it if more people would post their project files so I could see how they did it.”

December 2, 2014