Giving Back Through Responsive Web Design

MIGHTYminnow has been using Dreamweaver to build rich and engaging websites for small nonprofits and big businesses since 1998. Rocket Dog Rescue is a volunteer-based organization committed to saving homeless and abandoned dogs throughout the San Francisco Bay Area since 2001.

When Rocket Dog Rescue (RDR) founder, Pali Boucher, wanted an updated website to bring more visibility to the dogs available for adoption, Kristin Long, MIGHTYminnow founder, and her associate, Mickey Kay, got straight to work. The wish list for the new site was to make it easier for potential adoptive families to adopt a dog that was the right fit for their family and enable the RDR volunteers to add and update information about available dogs and upcoming adoption events. The site also needed to include a digitized adoption application and be responsive across devices (see Video 1).

Watch the story to see how MIGHTYminnow was able to create an engaging and beautifully interactive website that allowed Rocket Dog Rescue to extend their reach to adoptive families and find more homes for lost and abandoned dogs.

Kristin and Mickey, both front-end developers, integrated WordPress with Adobe Dreamweaver CC to create a responsive site with an intuitive interface that RDR volunteers could use to maintain site content once the initial redesign was complete. The all-in-one features of Dreamweaver CC made it easier for developers to use their preferred development workflow while saving them repeated roundtrips outside the development environment to test and fine-tune their changes. Finally, they used their testing lab that was set up with Adobe Edge Inspect CC to quickly view how the new site looked across a variety of devices.

In the end, the site they created for RDR is not only beautiful but includes the latest features in web design and has greatly increased the number of rescue dog adoptions.

Where to go from here

MIGHTYminnow and Rocket Dog Rescue both put a lot of time and effort into this project and their own organizations. Follow the links below to read the full case study about the MIGHTYminnow and Rocket Dog Rescue web redesign project. You can also watch a detailed presentation in which Kristin Long demonstrates how to integrate WordPress with Dreamweaver and learn more about the history of Rocket Dog Rescue.