Paper art created by Maud Vantours

5 & 3/4 Questions

By Terri Stone

A photograph of Maud Vantours





A work of 3D paper art by artist Maud Vantours


1. Describe yourself and your work. I am a French freelance designer, living in Paris, with specialties in textile and materials. Paper is my favorite medium because I can do anything with it: Origami, 3D sculptures, there are lots of possibilities. It has different kinds of textures, colors, aspects. I have worked with paper for six years and I can always find new ways to use it. I have done work for many companies, including Guerlain, Yves Saint Laurent, and Tag Heuer. I also do personal work — paper sculptures — which I sell in galleries.

Paper lampshades created by artist Maud Vantours

2. How did you get started? In 2010, right after my studies, I was invited to the Maison&Objet material design fair. I was selected to show my work in the young talent space. I met lots of people and made connections, and I started working as a freelancer.


Patterned paper sculpture by Maud Vantours


3. What piece of work best represents you and why? This is work I did for myself from my géometrie collection. I love this piece because there was no outside identity to include in the work. I like personal work best because there is no order, no constraints. I can choose the color ranges that I love.


Paper sculpture by Maud Vantours


4. What are you currently into? I am into collaborating with a photographer. I worked on a project with a French photographer; it was graphic design in 3D paper for the names of big cities in the world: Paris, New York, and so on.

I am inspired by anything: Graphics, paintings, exhibitions, sometimes it’s from something in the street. Sometimes we don’t know where ideas come from. It is just in my head. Sometimes I pick an idea inside my head and say, “This is it”.


Paper art by artist Maud Vantours


5. Which three things have you learned that young creatives should know?

In my opinion, a freelance designer needs a work discipline. You have to be really organized to be a freelancer.

And you should always have a project to work on. It can be contract or personal work. 

Also, collaborate with other artists. It opens up your creative process.


Paper sculpture by Maud Vantours


5¼. Fave color? At the moment my favorite color is Prussian blue.  

5½. Fave website? I follow lots of blogs, such as Fubiz, Design Milk…I don’t have a favorite one.

5¾. Pet peeve? I don’t like interruptions in my creativity, such as when I am working on a project and run out of paper. I have to stop because of this stupid thing but I have no choice—I don’t have any paper anymore!


June 18, 2014

Photography: Coline Buhan (portrait); Neirda Iwanowski, GUERLAIN (question 5)