The random WTFIT items for Vault49's WTFIT challenge


WTFIT: Vault49

By Kashka Pregowska-Czerw

We had this crazy idea. We would send chosen creatives one word, a box of random stuff, and the directions you see here. The chosen people would create something — anything — that represents the word. This crazy idea’s name:  WTFIT. “Are you game?” we asked.

The box of Vault49's WTFIT items, and their word, Flight.

Vault49 took on the challenge. They played with the elements and assembled all of them into this “Earn your wings” visual. We love its richness. If you’re up for a challenge of your own, try to identify all of the random objects from the original box.

Vault49's completed WTFIT project, a mosaic image that says

June 18, 2014

WTFIT creation: Vault49