The random items sent to design agency MI-ZO for their WTFIT challenge.



By Terri Stone

WTF is ‘WTFIT’? We had this crazy idea: We would send chosen creatives one word and a box of random stuff. Those creatives would then make something — anything — that represented the word, using only the box’s contents.

In this edition, the participants are German photographer Zoren Gold and Japanese graphic artist Minori Murakami, also known as the creative team MI-ZO

Their word? Decadence. Their brief? Well, let’s see what came in the box:

The box of items sent to MI-ZO for their WTFIT challenge, and their word:
The rules for Adobe Inspire's WTFIT Challenge

“Decadence to me is something pleasurable,” Minori says, “something meaningful but nonessential, the extra in life.” The pair set out to convey that concept. Because they weren’t using standard sculptural materials, they had to abandon their original plans and approach the process more intuitively — Minori and Zoren say that they were working “like children.”

Minori Murakami at work on MI-ZO's WTFIT challenge.
MI-ZO's WTFIT challenge in progress.
MI-ZO's completed WTFIT project: a mandala of decadence.

MI-ZO calls the finished work of art a “mandala of decadence.” “We tried to capture the energy of overflowing joy, of decadence. We dived in and had fun with the creation itself," says Minori. "It became truly a feeling of decadence.”

July 16, 2014

WTFIT creation MI-ZO

Photos of final piece and work in progress MI-ZO