Make Life Easier

By Joe Shepter

Software reviews usually focus on the eye-catching features, ignoring less showy improvements that nevertheless boost productivity. A tool that automatically finds a missing font for you or brings you back to where you left off in a document may not make you gasp in awe. But you’ll certainly appreciate not having to stop work to go typeface hunting and not having to remember whether you were laying out page 18 or page 27.

The 2014 release of Adobe Creative Cloud has many of these practical productivity improvements. While they may not be the flashiest, they will make life a lot easier.

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign CC

The new features in these programs are a diverse lot. They include improvements to drawing tools in Illustrator, an upgrade to table controls in InDesign, and enhancements to Layer Comps and Smart Guides in Photoshop. 

Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects CC

Shoot on green screen? Have some shaky video? Or maybe you lost a project when your computer crashed? You’ll be interested in these upgrades to Premiere Pro and After Effects. 

Adobe Dreamweaver and Edge Animate CC

In Dreamweaver's Live View, you can make edits without constantly refreshing. Animate now lets you insert audio and video directly. Both app upgrades are worth checking out.

Don’t miss any of the new abilities and features in your favorite applications—to learn more, check out this blog post from the Creative Cloud Team

August 1, 2014

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