Yesterdays and Tomorrows

By Charles Purdy

Jeremy Fish stands in front of Upper Playground in San Francisco’s Lower Haight neighborhood.

Jeremy stands in front of Upper Playground in San Francisco’s Lower Haight neighborhood.

Grounded in street art and skateboard culture, Jeremy Fish’s trippy drawings and paintings are simultaneously cute and gruesome—dark fairy tales with a punk, often macabre, edge. His work has been shown around the world but is especially well known in San Francisco, where he lives and where his art is a familiar part of the urban landscape

So last spring, when Adobe approached Juxtapoz magazine with the idea of bringing an artist’s dream project to life, Jeremy—a two-time Juxtapoz cover artist—was the first person they thought of.

At that time, Jeremy was preparing “Yesterdays and Tomorrows,” an exhibition of more than 100 drawings that span his two decades in San Francisco. Having long imagined using projectors to create animated murals, Jeremy had the idea of animating these drawings and projecting them in public places in San Francisco.

Juxtapoz filmed a documentary that takes us inside Jeremy’s work and his process, revealing how the animations came to life, as well as giving us a front-row look at the finished work. 

Note: These videos contain language that is not suitable for children.

Meet Jeremy in his studio and learn about his development as an artist.

Jeremy reveals the genesis of his “Yesterdays and Tomorrows” projected mural.

See the making of a Jeremy Fish drawing.

Jeremy’s collaborator Brady Baltezore shows us how he uses Adobe Creative Cloud to turn a 2D drawing into a 3D animation.

Flip through 20 years’ worth of Jeremy's drawings.

Check out the final mural on the streets of San Francisco.

Artwork by San Francisco artist Jeremy Fish



“Yesterdays and Tomorrows,” an exhibition of Jeremy’s work, will begin a run at San Francisco’s FFDG in August 2014.

August 14, 2014

Artwork Jeremy Fish