An image of the Kerozen studio as farm animals working together.

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Jean-Charles Debroize

By Terri Stone

Who: Jean-Charles Debroize

What: "Breeding ground for ideas" self-promotion


Behance member since: 2011

You can't call the members of the Kerozen studio vain. In the interests of self-promotion, they've allowed themselves to be transformed into everything from a grotesque humanoid alphabet to farm animals.

The staff dreamed up the concept of depicting themselves as animals brainstorming in a barn. So Raphaël Auvray photographed the creatures at a farm, and then Kerozen art director Jean-Charles Debroize performed the Adobe Photoshop retouching that makes the impossible image look so realistic.

The concept.

The photo shoot.

An image by Kerozen. It's a group of farm animals, dressed up as office workers.

The final image.

August 19, 2014

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