karlssonwilker’s Making of the Inspire Magazine Cover

“The brief for this cover was very open,” says karlssonwilker’s Hjalti Karlsson. “We were told that Inspire Magazine was re-launching and that we could do whatever we like.” (Adobe Inspire was renamed Adobe Create in the fall of 2015.)

They began with a simple concept: an explosion that would start as one thing and morph into something else. “When a job starts,” continues Hjalti, “we don’t sketch much on paper. If we do, the sketches are very basic, like a bad drawing that takes you ten seconds. It’s more that we talk about it: ‘Why don’t we do this’ and ‘We can try that.’ I might try something and then give someone else the file. They change and add to it.”

Three people contributed to the evolution of this animated cover: Hjalti, Jan Wilker, and Sandra Arrera. They used an assortment of Adobe CC software—After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premiere—plus Maxon Cinema 4D. “We tried many versions of how the type comes in and how it disappears,” says Hjalti. “At the very end we added the sound effects, so they would correspond to what you see.”

For more of karlssonwilker’s inimitable style, visit the company’s website.

August 19, 2015