The Made Shop’s Making of the Inspire Magazine Cover

By Terri Stone

When we redesigned and relaunched Adobe Inspire Magazine in the spring of 2014 [renamed Adobe Create in the fall of 2015], we knew we needed to mark the occasion with a cover that was different from anything we’d done before. We turned to The Made Shop.

While this Denver-based studio can produce digital, 2D graphic design, its standout work involves physical objects, usually things they build themselves. That was certainly true for the video they created for our June 2014 cover.

To make this issue’s cover, The Made Shop built a wall—an actual wall, with studs and everything. Then they wired it for lights, assembled those lights on top of our wordmark (which they painted by hand), and flipped the switch.

The resulting footage perfectly expresses the amplified energy of the new Inspire.

See the process from sketch to completion.

To see more of The Made Shop’s work, visit the agency’s Behance profile

August 19, 2014