WTFIT items for Konstruktiv project


WTFIT: Konstruktiv

By Terri Stone

Konstruktiv is a Belgian company with a multidisciplinary team working in visual effects, motion design, mixed media, and live visual arts. With that broad a scope, we were eager to see their take on WTFIT—the column for which we send creatives 15 items and ask them to make something that represents a word we choose.

At random, we assigned the word bliss to them. We were surprised to learn that bliss is not only the favorite English word of creative director Jean-Michel Verbeeck—his cat is also named Bliss. “This little guy keeps me healthy in busy times when I’m locked up in the studio,” says Jean-Michel.

In addition to Bliss the cat, the final object represents a “balance between reality and spirituality,” Jean-Michel explains. “We at Konstruktiv have a deep passion for balance in our artwork and designs. We are always looking for the right ratios and proportions. For us it’s really important to go back to the most fundamental features in creating an image.”

Jean-Michel says, “Also, in our personal lives we are looking for the right balance between mind and body, dream and reality, and so on. A balanced individual is someone who can figure out almost anything and has the right solution for any kind of problem. Being in balance equals bliss.”

September 18, 2014

WTFIT creation: Konstruktiv

Photos of final piece and work in progress: Konstruktiv