photograph of Aaron Draplin

Creative Voices

Past, Present, and Future Design: Aaron Draplin

By Dan Cowles

Merging traditional craftsmanship and clean design principles, Aaron Draplin searches for creative gold in junk shops and yard sales.

“I’m always looking for that reminder of how my work can be cleaner and more simplified,” says Aaron. “Back in the day, it wasn’t just about trying to outdo what’s on some cool aggregator site. It was about the effective way to use one color on one thing.”

Aaron is the sole proprietor of the Draplin Design Company, with a long client list that includes Snowboard magazine, the Sasquatch Festival, Patagonia, and Finex Cast Iron Works. In this video interview, he shares his logo inspiration sources and addresses the importance of design.

One note: Like his design work, Aaron’s language is strong, so this video is not suitable for children.    

January 15, 2015

Video: Dan Cowles