The Making of the Title Sequence for Netflix's Marco Polo

By Terri Stone

Even if you’re not a fan of historical dramas, Marco Polo, an original series from Netflix, is worth watching for its beautifully fluid title sequence alone.

The show is set in the Mongolian Empire during the 13th century, so it’s appropriate that visual effects studio The Mill used actual sumi ink and paper as a first step in creating the title sequence.

Watch the Marco Polo title sequence.

The Mill then moved into the digital realm to expand on those analog beginnings. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects were key to the final result.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the title sequence.

You can learn more about the work that went into the title sequence, including how the team made the ink spread across the paper so precisely, in this blog post from the Mill.

January 29, 2015