Inspired by type legends, Louis Mallart created a whimsical animated alphabet.

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By Charles Purdy

Who: Louis Mallart

What: Alphabet animé (Animated alphabet)


Behance member since: 2013

An alphabet is much more than a set of tools for transmitting information. To a type designer, letters are beautiful shapes in and of themselves. That’s the mindset behind Louis Mallart’s whimsical, lovely Alphabet animé project.

Inspired by work such as Pavel Paratov and Luis Miguel Torres’s Alquimia Animated Type, the animated typeface Franchise, and Cassandre’s typeface Bifur, Louis wanted to create his own alphabet, with his own visual vocabulary. He did preparatory work by hand and in Adobe Illustrator; then he created the animations in Adobe After Effects.

Louis says, “Typography is generally how I express myself, whether it’s for a poster, a book, or a video…. A typeface doesn’t necessarily have to be used as text. That’s not its function here. This work is more an homage to letters themselves—a study of their form.”

Currently pursuing a master’s degree in graphic design at ESAG Penninghen in Paris, Louis is working on his master’s thesis: an ongoing project that makes use of new 3D printing technologies. He explains, “I think experimenting with new media is very challenging and rewarding, and 3D printing is still little used in the field of graphic design.”

When Louis’s new projects are ready to view, we’ll be sure to share them in Inspire or via Twitter (@AdobeInspire).

January 8, 2015

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