Three marks from the Taschen book Logo Modernism

Find Inspiration in Thousands of Logos

By Terri Stone

You don’t have to be a scholar to appreciate Logo Modernism. While this new Taschen book does include interesting essays on the history of logos and on modernism and graphic design, the more visually inclined will spend hours simply browsing through the 6,000 trademarks author Jens Müller has gathered from around the world.

The front cover of the Taschen book Logo Modernism

The book is thoughtfully organized. Inside the three chapters —“Geometric,” “Effect,” and “Typographic”—the logos are grouped by their basic characteristic, such as Circle or Arrow. For each individual mark, Müller has identified the organization the logo represents, the organization’s home country or countries, and the year the logo was designed.

For the most part, Müller has confined the book’s logos to those created between 1940 and 1980. While some haven’t aged well, others are timeless. And any one of them might be the spark you need when you’re working on your next logo design.

Like the marks it shows, the 432-page Logo Modernism is international, with all text in English, French, and German. Available for pre-order now ($40.66 on, $69.99 regularly), Taschen will publish the book on November 10, 2015.

spreads from the book Logo Modernism

Two spreads from the book

spreads from the book Logo Modernism

October 26, 2015