WTFIT items for Wrecking Ball project

WTFIT: Limahl Asmall, House Originals

By Kashka Pregowska-Czerw

For our WTFIT column, we send a box of random items and a word to a creative person or agency and ask the recipient to make something with the objects that represent the word. More than a year ago—soon after we launched the column—furniture designer Limahl Asmall accepted the WTFIT challenge, and we mailed off his box and the word rebellious. So why did we wait until now to publish the results?

Montage of images related to the WTFIT challenge completed by Wrecking Ball Media Group
Instructions for completing the WTFIT challenge

I was thrilled when Limahl accepted the challenge but dissatisfied with end result because he had used only a few items from the box, breaking one of the challenge’s simple rules. While his response was appropriately rebellious, it was too rebellious so early in the life of a new column. Now that the WTFIT concept is mature, I feel comfortable presenting to you Limahl’s rebellion, prefaced by his tongue-in-cheek letter of explanation:

James Bergera and Carlos Ramos of Wrecking Ball Media Group work on the WTFIT challenge for Adobe Inspire
Wrecking Ball Media Group's completed WTFIT challenge was this 3D artwork featuring a Penrose triangle.

November 17, 2015

WTFIT creation: Limahl Asmall