Anita Fontaine had to represent the word “deception” with random objects.


WTFIT: Anita Fontaine

By Terri Stone

Anita Fontaine can’t help but push boundaries—it’s who she is. Her animation, videos, games, and apps are renowned for it. But the materials she had to work with in this WTFIT challenge pushed her boundaries. “They were some of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen,” she says. “None of them matched my aesthetic at all.”

However, Anita didn’t shrink from the difficult situation: “I started to think about the word deception—how could I deceive people into thinking this stuff is beautiful?”


Because she works primarily in digital media, Anita used her studio mate’s scanner to translate her materials from 3D to 2D. “I captured some of the scratchiest stuff when he went out for coffee,” she admits. “I didn’t want him to see the steel wool. I think the scanner’s OK, though.”

“Making a flower out of ugliness is a sort of lie,” Anita says. "The final animation ended up being a bit more abstract than a literal flower, but that’s where I started. It was a really good challenge.”


February 06, 2015