An photograph artwork by artist Oleg Dou

Creative Voices

Beautifully Repulsive: The Art of Oleg Dou

By Dan Cowles and Maris Curran

Oleg Dou is celebrated internationally not only for his technique but also for his staggeringly distinctive—and fantastically peculiar—vision. In this video profile, the artist talks about his process and his inspirations.

People who call him a photographer, Oleg says, are mistaken. Rather, he calls himself an artist who uses photography as a medium. His process combines photographs, real world objects, and photo manipulations in Adobe Photoshop. And the resulting work is truly transformative.

Oleg is interested in the areas where beauty and sadness come into conflict—he has said that he wants his work to be something “bordering between the beautiful and the repulsive, living and dead.”

Watch the video (below) to learn about Oleg’s startling, unique point of view.

Video: Dan Cowles and Maris Curran