A frame from the layered Photoshop file that contains the entire ad celebrating the 25th anniversary of Photoshop

Do You Dream In Layers? Explore the Photoshop Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Video Layer By Layer

You’ve probably seen the video Adobe created to celebrate Photoshop’s 25th anniversary. It cleverly combines work from 70 Photoshop artists with elements of the software itself, like the File menu and Eyedropper. The fast-moving animations (and the soundtrack, Aerosmith’s “Dream On”) are guaranteed to get your blood moving.

Now you can explore the experience frame by frame—or rather, layer by layer. Adobe has posted a 680MB layered Photoshop file that, magically, contains the entire 60-second piece. Once you download and open the file, make sure the Timeline is visible and hit the spacebar on your keyboard to play the animation. (If the missing font dialog appears, simply click Don’t Resolve.)

The only thing the file doesn't include is the music—you’ll have to do your best Steven Tyler impression for that.

For more about the making of the video, see “In the Beginning, There Was Photoshop.”

April 23, 2015