An image created via generative design, by Onformative

Creative Voices

Generative Design: Onformative

By Dan Cowles

Onformative is a generative design and art studio founded by Cedric Kiefer and Julia Laub. Julia met Cedric when she recruited him as a contributor to the book Generative Gestaltung, which she co-authored with Hartmut Bohnacker and Benedikt Gross. It was translated into English as Generative Design and is now considered a seminal book on the subject of code-based design.

The pair set up shop shortly after that, initially collaborating via Skype and email (a process documented in typical Onformative fashion: with a beautiful data visualization). Then they both relocated to Berlin, which at the time was well on its way to becoming a European nexus of innovative artists and DIY designers. In Berlin, Onformative found a creatively fertile and collaborative atmosphere, and they’ve since partnered with others in the community on a wide variety of projects.

Using code to design, and bringing natural and organic patterns to the world of data visualization, Onformative creates some truly unique experiences for their customers and partners—learn more about them and see their work in this video.

April 24, 2015

Video: Dan Cowles, Maris Curran