Robots in the Autofuss studio

Hi, Robot—Inside Autofuss

By Dan Cowles

Autofuss is a San Francisco–based interdisciplinary design company founded by Jeff Linnell and Randall Stowell back in 2008, when both were looking to make major career changes. The company really found its stride after they bought a couple of castoff robots (formerly used in auto manufacturing in Detroit) and integrated them into their production workflow.

They have since created a portfolio of visually stunning and technically groundbreaking projects. Today, having spun off a separate robotics company (Bot & Dolly), and having recently been purchased by Google, things have shifted a bit. But Autofuss continues to turn out brilliant work that combines cutting-edge technology with beautiful design. Learn more about them in this video.

May 14, 2015

Video: Dan Cowles, Maris Curran