Obscura projects still and moving media on everything from the UN to a mall.

Creative Voices

Obscura’s Extreme Visuals

Obscura Digital is a studio that designs and produces exceptional experiences driven by technology. Its founder and chief creative officer, Travis Threlkel, is likewise exceptional and driven by technology. 

“I get excited by new things that haven’t been done yet,” Travis says. His studio has projected light and digital media onto surfaces as diverse as the Sydney Opera House and a shopping mall. The results are always interesting, often beautiful, and sometimes sobering, such as a climate change-themed installation at the United Nations’ New York headquarters.

Obscura isn’t afraid of big projects — big in both the physical and conceptual sense. “We’ll build comps that are 30,000 pixels wide,” Travis explains, “and then we need a pipeline to supply content for these types of installations.” To realize their vision, Obscura depends on Creative Cloud for teams. “We are developing things that augment the world around us,” Travis says. “Visual communication has the power to absolutely change the world.”

June 16, 2015

Video: Summer Wilson