Look at the Book: In-Progress Sketches from ‘The Roommate Book’ by Becky Murphy

By Terri Stone

As one of Adobe’s Creative Residents, illustrator and letterer Becky Murphy is spending the next year on personal projects. When her residency began two months ago, she was already working on The Roommate Book. Now it’s just a few weeks before she sends everything to the publisher, and she’s sharing in-progress pages from the book in this video.

While Becky’s style is loose and natural, her sketches reveal that she does labor over letterforms. Her illustrations have evolved from what she calls “realistic Zoolander faces” to something much less serious that goes well with the hand-drawn text.

Since April 30, Becky has taken on another challenge in addition to The Roommate Book. She’s also creating one piece of art every day for 100 days, which you can see below and on her website. And in her personal life, she moved in with her fiancé and then married him. (That’s why you’ll see her called “Becky Murphy Simpson” on some of her social media channels.) Good thing she’s high energy!

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July 1, 2015