Meet the New Creatives: 25 Under 25 Update

By Pollyanna Macchiano

We’re about halfway through Adobe’s 25 Under 25 campaign—so far, 12 amazing young artists have been chosen. You can check out their activity on Photoshop’s Instagram feed—in just over four months, that Instagram following has grown from zero to more than 40,000, giving these artists a fantastic opportunity to showcase their work.

And the roster of artists is truly global: artists from around the world—Indonesia, Egypt, India, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and more—have been selected.

Lex van den Berghe, Adobe senior product manager for Photoshop, says, “People follow Photoshop on Instagram to feel inspired. When you pull all this young talent out and showcase them, it’s an amazing thing.”

In addition to reaching a vastly larger audience, many of these artists have landed new gigs and opportunities for growth in their careers.

“We take pride in being part of a group that creates tools for creative people. This program enables creative people to realize their dream of making a living doing what they love to do,” adds Lex.

We asked these young creatives a question that we always love to ask artists: What motivates you to create your art, and why is this something you want to share with the world? Here’s what they had to say.


Artwork by Fredy Santiago, also known as Sugarcoated
Grafitti-style artwork by Fredy Santiago, also known as Sugarcoated

Making something out of nothing and sharing it with everyone is a big motivation to create art, not for the money or the spotlight. There are many gray areas in the world that I am always looking to help fill in; I believe that is our job as creatives.

I want to share this with the world because we as humans love art, music, and performances—and it is a beautiful feeling to create as much as to enjoy it. That is something that we all share, even when we don't think about it. Find Fredy on Behance.


artwork by Tom Anders Watkins
jellyfish-logo artwork by Tom Anders Watkins

I would say my motivation comes from the people I’m surrounded by, and the idea that my work can positively impact someone’s day. Seeing friends, colleagues, or idols create inspirational work often lights my fire, and more often than not it’s a completely different method of creating artwork that I can learn new techniques from.

A lot of my motivation comes in the form of wonderful emails, or comments from people I’ve never met saying my work has touched them. Especially with the launch of my When I’m A Dad project, I’ve had dozens of passionate, personal emails that highlight, from my perspective, that what I’m doing is making a difference. And that’s all the motivation I need. Find Tom on Behance.


artwork by Shaivalini Kumar
artwork by Shaivalini Kumar

Stylistically, my art is vibrant and inviting, and attempts to find the magic in ordinary things. Being a denizen of the digital realm, I thrive on being able to connect and communicate with people from all over the world through my work. Seeing and learning from experiences of other artists has also helped me evolve. I want people to engage with my work and hopefully notice the quirks and oddities that lie within.

My motivation comes from a lot of things—the people around me that help me grow, animals, my family, and the shows and books that I grew up with, especially those that have been instrumental in shaping my childhood and inherently inform my art. Several things from my childhood have settled down in my brain and wait for their turn to come out through my present day work! Find Shaivalini on Behance.


artwork by Bram Van Haeren
artwork by Bram Van Haeren

I got kicked out of school when I was 18 after my teachers told me that I wasn’t good enough and didn’t fit into the art industry. I told myself that I wouldn’t let these words discourage me.

And this is my rule to this moment: Always protect your dreams and go for it. Find Bram on Behance.


artwork by David Uzochukwu: photo of a young man against a sunrise
artwork by David Uzochukwu: photo of a male in the fetal position against a pink background

Ever since I picked up a camera for the first time, there’s been this inexplicable urge inside me that keeps pushing me to create. I’m restless if I have to step away from art for too long. That pull is what initially motivates me to create. It makes me take notice of subtle moods and emotions, and want to put them into a visual form—to pick up details and use them, combine them, and let them add up to something out of the ordinary. It has the potential to be crazy beautiful, and becoming aware of that has made my life so much deeper. I think I share my work to see if I managed to combine the concepts and colors and light rays that impressed me well enough to have others react to them. I know I’m more than grateful that others share their art. Find David on Behance.


artwork by Evan Raditya Pratomo
artwork image of a Japenese rabbit-woman in a kimono by Evan Raditya Pratomo

Since I was in kindergarten, I’ve always dreamed of being a painter, and now I have my job in the creative industry as a visual artist.

I want young artists to read my story and realize they can do what they aspire to. A story about a man brave enough to say, “I have various art styles and it’s not a sin to learn what you want to learn. Just be bold and brave it out, because someday you will understand why you learned it.” Find Evan on Behance.


artwork by Peter Tarka
artwork by Peter Tarka

I have always had a passion for building and architecture. To start with a blank space and bring something new into the world has always been exciting. This early passion led me to start experimenting with CGI—I enjoy the freedom of 3D. I quickly became interested in materials, shapes, and how objects can interact.

One of the highlights of my work is sharing the results, showing people something new and hopefully inspiring the next generation to push the world of 3D forward. Find Peter on Behance.

ZEV HOOVER, United States

photo manipulations by Zev Hoover
photo manipulations by Zev Hoover

Finishing a picture and sitting back is just a wonderful feeling. Knowing that others will be looking and enjoying the picture just stokes the fire. At the same time, it's about self-improvement. I don’t see any of my pictures as finished final statements; they are more of a progression, as my technical ability and ideas grow. Find Zev on Behance.


Image of woman ascending near Egyptian pyramids, artwork by Ahmed Emad Eldin
artwork by Ahmed Emad Eldin

It’s something inside that motivates me, and I think it’s good to share what’s inside for the world to see. There is a hidden message and a story to be told every single time! I love putting a hidden message in my art to make people think—because for me, real art makes people think. Find Ahmed on Behance.


photo artwork by Flora Borsi
photo artwork by Flora Borsi

I would like to live in other peoples’ lives, even if I wouldn’t exist anymore. Art is the perfect way to be immortal, share a feeling, capture the moment, and inspire others to think. I want to give emotions to the sensitive, thoughts to the wise, and beauty to the thirsty. Find Flora on Behance.


robot illustration, artwork by Thiago Garcia
artwork by Thiago Garcia

To know that people like and enjoy my art really motivates me to grow and evolve. I want to inspire people in the world with my art, make them become excited and cheerful—even for an instant. Find Thiago on Behance.


artwork by Alice Bouchardon
illustrations of dog breeds, artwork by Alice Bouchardon

I really like to express my ideas visually. It’s an easy way to communicate strong messages and share your universe with everyone—I instinctively express myself visually. If someone feels something looking at my art, it means a lot to me and gives me the desire to continue. Find Alice on Behance.

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August 5, 2015