Download this fortune-teller by Adam J. Kurtz (ADAMJK) and ask it the big questions!

ADAMJK Says It’s Going To Be OK

By Terri Stone

Ugh. New Year’s resolutions. So much pressure! You’ve vowed to work on some part of your life—career success, health, money, relationships, whatever—but it’s hard. Maybe you’re struggling a bit. It’s time for a little therapeutic* handholding from Adam J. Kurtz, otherwise known as artist and author ADAMJK.

Adam, who is a bona fide positive person, has designed a grownup version of a fortune-teller, a kids’ favorite. Download, print, and fold it, and you have encouraging responses to your concerns, all in one letter-size piece of paper.

Download the fortune-teller as a PDF. Print as many copies as you want. Share them with friends.

This fortune-teller isn’t just for resolutions. It’s also an awesome thing to bring to a party at any time of the year. Don’t know what to say? Let Adam break the ice! Bored at work? Ask Adam a question. Want to get to know someone better? Adam can smooth the way. You can even use this PDF as a template for your own fortune-teller creations.  

In this video, ADAMJK explains how to fold the paper and use the fortune teller.

Since you haven’t been a kid for a while, Adam reminds you how to fold a fortune-teller in the above video (click to view). There are a few swear words, so maybe don’t watch it at work.

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*Not a licensed therapist.