This Could Be Your Dream Job

Adobe’s Creative Residency program allows artists to pursue their passion projects for a full year, all while earning an Adobe salary. We pay, they play (and explore, learn, create, and teach). Kelli Anderson and Becky Simpson are the current residents, and now applications are open for the next group.

To apply, you’ll need a resume and a two- to four-page written proposal (plus visuals) that describes your project, including its goals, your media of choice, the required technology, and other details. You have until February 29 (you read that right—it’s a Leap Year!) to submit your application.

You probably don’t need additional reasons to want to be an Adobe Creative Resident, but here they are anyway: Health care for a year, mentors from inside and outside of Adobe, and your name in lights—or at least, on the pages of Create Magazine. We’ve published several articles about the current residents’ work and will do the same for the folks who follow Kelli and Becky.

Good luck to all of the applicants. Our fingers are crossed for you!


January 26, 2016

Letterpress print: Becky Simpson