The Community Winners of the Take 10: Make a Masterpiece Edition

“Take 10” is a quarterly contest in which we challenge you to create an artwork that represents a theme using 10 images from Adobe Stock (and no additional images). In the most recent contest, which ran from October 3 through October 18, 2016, the theme was “The Storm”. 

Ankur Patar chose the ten winners, each of whom will receive subscriptions to Creative Cloud and Adobe Stock. Anthony Hearsey, who won the grand prize for his composition Awaken, will also receive an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

Anthony Hearsey, Awaken



Jeremy Young, Eye of the storm

Elena Carrillo, Stones storm


Berli Mike, Heart of courage: remembrance


Victor Murillo Jansegers, After the storm


Daiki Ikeda, Where the world ends