This screen from Typekit Marketplace is just the type of the font iceberg.

Find the Perfect Typeface

By Terri Stone

Holy moley, there are a lot of fonts out there. You can find thousands of them with a few seconds of online searching. But not all typefaces are created equal. The new Typekit Marketplace is a curated collection of fonts that deliver both on esthetics and technical execution. These faces are crafted by some of the top foundries—Emigre, Frere-Jones Type, Sudtipos, and Type Network are just a few examples—and now it's easy to try and buy them all in one place.

This video shows Tobias Frere-Jones and his colleagues at Frere-Jones Type.

Click to watch Tobias Frere-Jones discuss type design and the creation of his faces Retina and Mallory.

You don’t need paid subscriptions to Typekit or the Creative Cloud to get Typekit Marketplace fonts. But if you do have Typekit or CC subscriptions, don’t worry: None of the typefaces you can access through those subscriptions are going away. Typekit Marketplace is an addition, not a subtraction.

Click to hear from Cyrus Highsmith and Victoria Rushton, members of the international alliance of Independent type designers known as Type Network.

As you've come to expect from Typekit, the Typekit Marketplace faces are full-featured OpenType fonts. You can buy one weight or style or an entire family. Once you've purchased a Typekit Marketplace product, the fonts appear in your personal library on Typekit, and you are licensed to use them on the Web and in applications.

This is a video showing Bruno Maag, founder of the Dalton Maag foundry.

Click to watch a short video about the Dalton Maag foundry. It has many big-name clients, including Amazon and Nokia. The company's best-known face is Ubuntu.

November 8, 2016

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