Kyle Webster Brush Tutorial

By Charles Purdy

An educator and award-winning illustrator who has drawn for the New Yorker, the New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, Nike, IDEO, and many other clients, Kyle T. Webster is best known as the founder of, which offers extremely popular industry-standard Photoshop brushes for professional artists. If you’ve never tried these brushes (or even if you have), you’re in luck: For a limited time, Kyle is offering a set of five brushes, free, to Create readers [editor’s note: This brush offer expired on January 31, 2017, and the article has been edited to reflect that]. These five brushes are all you need to draw a complete, well-balanced illustration—as Kyle demonstrates in the video on this page—but just know that there are hundreds more where these came from.  

Kyle’s illustrations have the look and feel of paintings and drawings created with non-digital media, because his Photoshop brushes are based on real-world tools. Using just five brushes, he created these three illustrations.

Scroll down to watch a 28-minute video that includes Kyle drawing the karate cat.

We gave away five Photoshop brushes in this set:

1. Basic Pencil: This pressure-sensitive pencil has a built-in paper texture and provides a full range of values, depending on how hard you press. And you can even use the “side” of the pencil if your graphics tablet has tilt recognition.

2. Basic Kneaded Eraser: The eraser works very well with the pencil—it, too, has a built-in paper texture for a very natural-looking effect.

3. Basic Rake: The rake brush is also pressure-sensitive—by design, it creates a lot of visual “noise,” so it’s great for creating textures and adding visual interest to a drawing.

4. Basic Sable Inker: This versatile inking tool is meant to feel like a nice sable brush. It provides lots of control and lays down realistic ink lines.

5. Basic Watercolor Round: This multiplying brush lets you layer “washes” just as you can with real watercolors.

Click on the image below to watch a 28-minute video tutorial, in which Kyle demonstrates each brush—and then uses all five in his karate cat illustration.

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December 15, 2016

Illustrations courtesy of Kyle T. Webster