A Card Deck Designers Will Love

There’s something about limitations that brings out the best in creatives. Just look at the Special Edition deck of cards from Playing Arts: Each one of the 54 cards is a work of art that measures only 3.5 inches tall.

More than 500 artists from 67 countries competed for the chance to appear on the Special Edition deck, which is the fourth that Playing Arts has produced in the last several years. The winning artists (chosen by a panel of judges made up of Playing Arts staff and backers of the deck’s Kickstarter project) were selected on the basis of originality, creative interpretation of the theme, and technical skill. See a selection of the winners below.

Artists: 2 of Clubs by Bonnie Pang; 3 of Diamonds by  Đặng Trọng Khanh; 4 of Clubs by Adam McCausland; 5 of Spades by  Umberto Daina; 6 of Diamonds by Katlego Phatlane; 7 of Spades Elina V. G.; 8 of Hearts by David Perez; 9 of Spades by Uma Brand Studio; 10 of Diamonds by Yama Maskaluk; Jack of Diamonds by Olga; Queen of Hearts by Kaloian Toshev; King of Diamonds by Mark Oliver; Ace of Hearts by Polina Chemeris; Joker by Konstantin Aleykyan; card back by Sebastian Onufszak.

The deck costs 15 euros, or you can buy all four existing decks for 45 euros. For more about the Special Edition card deck, including the yet-to-be-announced special prize winners, visit the Playing Arts website

December 29, 2016