‘Serenity,’ Photographs by Can Dagarslani

The photographs in Turkish photographer Can Dagarslani’s Behance portfolio seem to glow with natural light and sensitively deployed color. In much of his work, carefully posed models invite complex interpretations—these photos tell mysterious stories.

Dagarslani says that his newest series, Serenity, is a commentary on the lack of calm in our accelerating modern lives—he asks, “Is it not possible for calmness to be seen as a source that enriches and makes life easier?… Is it only possible to reach serenity while getting old?”

He shot this series at the renowned Bauhaus School in Dessau, Germany. He says, “The starting point of the series became the contrast I wanted to create between the models and the three main colors of Bauhaus—red, blue, and yellow—while bringing out the organic changes of perception that are evident in my works.” Scroll down to see the series, and be sure to check out Dagarslani’s other work on Behance.

December 8, 2016