When you are looking for textures or patterns to add depth to your work, these Instagram accounts are inspiring resources.

Find Textures on Instagram

By Terri Stone

Whether you work in vector or raster, textures—and their close cousins, patterns—can add depth to your images. While it’s fun to make your own, you may not always have (or be able to Capture) what you need; you may also want to be inspired by someone else’s vision. In either case, Instagram is a good resource. The following IG accounts are great places to start when you’re seeking texture inspiration. 


This Instagrammer is a “self-trained hobby artist” and photographer.


Why is an econometrician a prolific poster of cool textures? Better not to question it and simply enjoy.


You’ll find peeling paint, brick walls, rusting metal, and more here.


Fans of fashion may enjoy this account, which features outfits as well as textures. 


This account specializes in texture grids, often with color themes.


This “artist,” “arborist,” and “Black Belt” reliably delivers textures with strong colors and graphics. 


The Instagrammer behind Chasing Textures describes it as a “page for those who see and appreciate beauty in the details.” 


Not all of the posts are texture-related, but most of them are eye-catching.


These posts are all over the place, so if you don’t like what you see at first, click Load More and you’ll probably come across something good.


Given that just two Instagrammers contribute to this account, the variety is impressive.


Textures are mixed into this account only occasionally, but when they do pop up, they’re worth it.

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February 4, 2016