Russell Brown, add realistic reflections, Photoshop Mix


By Russell Preston Brown

On a recent trip, I photographed a beached boat at low tide. In the resulting shot, I liked the boat, but not the mud in front of it. Instead of throwing away the image, I decided to digitally cover up the mud by adding a reflection.

While I could have created the reflection in Adobe Photoshop CC (here’s a tutorial about that from my colleague, Terry White), I do a lot of my photo editing work on the go with a tablet. So instead, I used Adobe Photoshop Mix, which is a free app for iOS and Android.

After some basic adjustments in Adobe Lightroom for mobile, I copied the boat image into Photoshop Mix. I duplicated the base layer and flipped the duplicate. I lowered the opacity of the duplicate layer, moved it down, and masked out everything except the pseudo reflection. After a bit more fine-tuning, I had the new, better image.

To follow along step-by-step, watch the video tutorial below.

Poster frame from the video tutorial on creating realistic reflections in Adobe Photoshop Mix

You can find my video on how to make basic image adjustments to the boat picture here. Although I used an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil in both of these videos, a regular tablet and your finger are all you need to replicate my instructions.

March 11, 2016