One drawing that went into the Color Eater animation

The Making of the Award-Winning ‘Color Eater’ Animation

By Terri Stone

For advertising creatives, it doesn’t get much better than winning a One Show Pencil. (The One Show is the award-giving arm of the One Club, a non-profit organization that promotes advertising and design excellence.) This year, Adobe Japan won a Silver Pencil in the Animation category for The Color Eater | Adobe Creative Cloud’s Philosophy Video.

The Adobe Japan office worked with Kaibutsu, Spoon, and the Tokyu Agency to create Color Eater. In the animation, a black and white creature travels through a fantastical, color-soaked world, swallowing hues and releasing them.

Click the image above to see the animation.

Adobe’s Keiko Fujita says that she didn’t burden her collaborators at the Tokyu Agency and Spoon with a long brief. “I told them that our goal was to address the perception that the Creative Cloud is only desktop software,” Fujita says. “I asked our product manager to demo our mobile apps and Cloud features and how they all work with desktops apps. That was a real eye opener to the creators at the agencies. Then I just let them freely create the video based on their impressions.”

The resulting animation appeared on the Adobe Japan website and in related ads, emails, and social posts.

As the making-of video shows, much of the winning animation began as hand-drawn illustrations, which were digitized using Adobe Capture CC, then brought into Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC

Click the above image to watch the making-of video.

If you’re inspired to create your own animation, you can download the original black and white monster as a layered Photoshop file that’s prepped for Adobe Character Animator.

May 24, 2016