Pros and amateurs are sharing exceptional architectural photos on Instagram, like the ones in this montage.

Architectural Photographers to Follow on Instagram

By Terri Stone

Many buildings are little more than structures that protect us from the elements. But when captured by artful photographers, these basic buildings become sculpture. And when the architecture is noteworthy, the results can blow you away. As you’ll see in the short list of Instagrammers below, architectural photography is practiced by professionals and amateurs around the world. Share the usernames of your favorite Instagram architectural photographers in the Comments section below the article.

Instagrammer Paul Eis

How could I not begin this roundup with a feed called “the_architecture_photographer”? But if you’re expecting stereotypically stark, cool shots, you’re in for a surprise. While Instagrammer Paul Eis does photograph buildings with strong bones, he fleshes out those bones with vibrant color. He digitally isolates each building, composites it against a blue background, and emphasizes the lines of the architecture with bright colors. Eis is attending school in Berlin; when he graduates, he intends to go on to study architecture.

Yukomouton (Yuko Kawauchi in real life) is the fashion designer behind the Japanese brand Black Mouton. She uses a variety of cameras to capture her photos, including a Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Olympus OM-D E-M5, and Hasselblad 500C/M.

rubenpb is a professional architectural photographer from Spain who has worked extensively in Europe. However, he captured this shot in China. Look closely to fully appreciate its scale.

Berlin-based Matthias Heiderich may be a self-taught photographer, but a lack of formal education hasn’t prevented him from gaining a healthy following on Instagram (where he’s known as massju) and even publishing a book of architectural photography.

Scroll through the feed of Singapore photographer Yik Keat (leeyikkeat) and you’ll see that he enjoys making images that fool the eye.

Jamal Burger aka jayscale shot this photo of architecture in Kowloon, Hong Kong

While jayscale, or Jamal Burger, lives in Toronto, he often leaves Canada to photograph destinations around the world. (He captured this image in Hong Kong.) If his cityscapes inspire you to shoot some of your own, check out his online class

march.valencia is not a person, but an educational organization that includes architects and designers. Its feed includes photos of the Spanish headquarters for its classes and images shot by the instructors, such as this one from Alfonso Calza.

Dirk Bakker (macenzo) is an Amsterdam photographer with a graphic design background. “I see a big connection between architecture and graphic design,” he says. “It’s all about shapes, form, layout, and patterns.” He is also a founding member of @SeeMyCity, an international initiative that capitalizes on mobile photography to market cities.

Dmeek (aka Demond Meek) is a professional photographer

Dmeek (aka Demond Meek) is a professional photographer whose feed features timeworn buildings in Detroit, New Orleans, and other cities. Meek is also branching out into the film world; hopefully he’ll share frequent snippets from that new venture on his feed.

You can always count on blackmobile (Leslie Heng) for refreshingly unusual vantage points. Heng is from Singapore, but he captured this example of diagonal symmetry while visiting Melbourne, Australia. 

ThisMintyMoment is the IG moniker for Minh T, who practices design and image creation in California. The sun-bleached palette of this feed will have you reaching for your shades.

Pau Iglesias (or djlopau, as he’s known on Instagram) is a co-founder of an architecture firm that serves both Barcelona and Brazil. He uses an iPhone 6 to capture images in which humans are often small yet significant details.

Don’t expect crisp, sterile imagery when you scroll through Otije’s feed. This Spanish Instgrammer proudly proclaims that the feed’s photos were all shot on an iPhone 4s. I don’t know if that’s the source of the grainy look to most of the images, but I like it. In addition to being a photo enthusiast, Otije is a physicist.

Vivien Liu, also known as Instagrammer Vdubl, is an architect and an architectural photographer

It should be no surprise that top Instagrammer Vdubl (named Vivien Liu in real life) can spot interesting structures: She herself is an architect. According to the DigitalRev website, her cameras include an iPhone 6s with a Moment 18mm lens and a Nikon D810 with lenses ranging from 14-24mm f/2.8 to 70-200mm f/2.8. Vdubl lives and works in Hong Kong.

The popular trashhand feed often features urban cityscapes and architecture. In an email to me (in which the writer remained mysteriously nameless), trashhand said, “I work as a photographer now full-time shooting commercial and social media projects for brands of all types. I love to explore places that most people wouldn’t dare to go.”

June 15, 2016