black and white image of two men in a Jerusalem square

5 & 3/4 Questions




Photo of a red car by Dor Kedmi
photo of a Nepalese women by Dor Kedmi

1. Describe yourself and your work.

It’s hard for me to define myself because I am constantly changing. What remains constant is my photography style—minimalist, clean, formalistic, and accurate.


black and white image of a building by Dor Kedmi
black and white photo of a building by dor kedmi

2. How did you get started?

I grew up in a house where my dad photographed incessantly. He had plenty of film cameras, and I remember on one of our family trips, I took his camera—which was then heavy and complicated—and just looked through the viewfinder. It was the first time I saw the world through a lens, and I loved it! It was a powerful experience for me, and at that moment I knew I wanted a camera for myself.


Georgian landscape photo by Dor Kedmi
photo of a tractor by Dor Kedmi

3. What piece of work best represents you and why?

My photos are all characterized by a formalist, minimalist look. I put a significant emphasis on lines, shapes, and colors, and I have high sensitivity to minimalist aesthetics. I'm currently working on my final project for my BA studies in photography, and I think that this project represents me best.


photo of two young Israeli girls, by Dor Kedmi
photo of Israeli soldiers by Dor Kedmi

4. What are you into currently?

The BA project I’m currently working on deals mainly with local Israeli moments and aesthetics.


photo of Israeli boy playing soccer
photo of Israeli beach

5. What have you learned that young creatives should know?

Leave your comfort zone at least once a day, and don’t cancel your ideas without trying them.


Black and white photo of a man's shadow on a bridge in Jerusalem
Black and white photo of two men in Jerusalem

5¼. Favorite color? Red.

5½. Favorite website?—I’ve been addicted to this game for two months!

5¾. Pet peeve? Poor customer service and crowded places.

June 6, 2016