Make It at Outside Lands

By Charles Purdy

Every August, tens of thousands of music lovers make their way to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park for Outside Lands, a multiple-day music festival. 2016’s Outside Lands featured dozens of artists from across the musical spectrum—Lionel Richie, Radiohead, Major Lazer, LCD Soundsystem, Lana Del Rey, Duran Duran, and so many more—as well out-of-this-world art installations and plenty of yummy things to eat and drink.

Among the music lovers in attendance this year were six digital artists: Dan Mumford, Victoria Siemer (better known as Witchoria), Andreas Preis, Elise Swopes, Gemma O’Brien, and Gyimah Gariba. Throughout the second half of 2016, these artists are using Adobe mobile apps to craft tutorials in their own styles. Then we’re inviting you to follow those tutorials and share the results—eligible entrants have a chance to win an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil (learn more about the Make It on Mobile series).

So what do artists do when they take a break from creating art? They create more art! Dan, Witchoria, Andreas, Elise, Gemma, and Gyimah found plenty of artistic inspiration at Outside Lands. Here are their Make it on Mobile (Music Festival Edition) creations:

Dan Mumford

“Inspired by our trip to Outside Lands this month, I tried to capture the amazing Golden Gate Park and its incredible trees—so many amazing shapes and forms. In the evening, the park really came alive with amazing colors bouncing off the trees as the sun set and the festival continued. I created this piece with Adobe Illustrator Draw and Adobe Creative Cloud—I’ve found that the mobile app fits really nicely with my workflow, and it’s great for lots of layer work and detail, due to it being vector-based, which means you can zoom right in and get really intricate. Then you can export as a PSD or AI file and tweak things on your desktop if need be!”


“Watching the hands pulse to the music at Outside Lands was hypnotic. I’ve always loved hands and how much character they have. Even back in New York City during this heat wave, I see inspiration in arms stretched out, reaching for cool air. This illustration was created with Adobe Illustrator Draw.”


Andreas Preis

“I got to see so many great artists and bands, while enjoying amazing nature and great food (especially Mexican!), and meeting so many nice people. One of the things that stuck most to me (with my obvious weakness for animals) was California’s state flag, the Bear Flag. You can see the Bear Flag basically everywhere you go, from San Francisco to San Diego; they even incorporated it into the design of one of the big stages. So here’s my personal take on that famous grizzly. I used Adobe Illustrator Draw almost exclusively for this one, drawing on an iPad Pro using the Apple Pencil. The background was added later in Photoshop. I incorporated all the flag’s colors—red, brown, and green—as well as some Mexican influences and the flag’s star. Of course, I preferred to create a portrait, but I still hope the people from California will like it!”

Elise Swopes

“Watching the sun set at Outside Lands after spending most of the day there was like a special gift from Mother Nature. Hearing awesome bands and being around all the trees was great vibes. Day & Night was inspired by Outside Lands and edited with Adobe Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Lightroom.”

Gemma O’Brien

“After spending three days at Outside Lands in San Francisco, I created—with Adobe Photoshop Sketch and Creative Cloud—an illustrated alphabet poster inspired by the beautiful surroundings of Golden Gate Park: the mysterious winding pines, the scattered baby daisies, and the ever-present Karl the Fog!”

Gyimah Gariba

“This piece features a character based on the feeling of being at an outside music festival—over the span of three days, you stop wondering where the music is coming from. This illustration is me playing with the idea that the mangled branches in the woods were responsible. After I’d returned from San Francisco, I couldn't wait to get going on this piece inspired by my trip to Outside Lands. I used Adobe Photoshop Sketch for the initial sketch and final line drawing…. I applied base colors and then tweaked them in Lightroom; then I added some texture from photos I took as an overlay in Photoshop Mix once I was happy with the illustration. Sounds like a mouthful, but it’s pretty straightforward once you know the final look you’re after, and I’ve found that it’s super-easy to jump back in at any stage and tweak as necessary.”

Are you feeling inspired to #MakeItonMobile? Head on over to the Make It on Mobile landing page for tutorials and more.

August 23, 2016