To quickly generate unique patterns with your phone, try Adobe Capture CC.

How to Put Your Own Spin on Patterns

If you grew up doodling patterns on any scrap of paper you could find, you’ll have fun with a modern mobile equivalent, Adobe Capture CC. It transforms images you snap with your mobile device into patterns (and vector graphics, color palettes, and digital brushes).

To create a pattern, you open the app, point your device at just about anything, and take a photo. It can be as simple as that, but you can also have way more control. You can zoom, pan, and rotate to choose different slices of your image, and you can choose from five repeating grids, each of which gives you radically different results.

David Macy, director of products for Creative Cloud Mobile at Adobe, recently tried a less obvious way to push the pattern envelope. Some friends had encouraged Macy to participate in #The100DayProject (do something creative every day for 100 days and post it with the hashtag). He wasn’t sure about the commitment until he started playing with patterns in Capture. “I could come up with something beautiful in 30 seconds,” he says, "but once I had a daily practice going I saw that I could really push the tool." He experimented with the built-in controls, and then he realized that he could save a pattern as a picture on his phone and use that as the basis for a new pattern. 

A small sample of the patterns David Macy made in Adobe Capture CC.

You can see all of Macy’s #The100DayProject on his Instagram feed, @dgmacy.

September 1, 2016