WTFIT: Maurizio Sergiusti

By Terri Stone

There’s a lot of trash in the world. You can let it bring you down, or you can turn it into art. That’s the philosophy behind Maurizio Sergiusti’s business, ScoobaFish, which upcycles discarded materials into decorative and usable creations. Because Sergiusti lives on Sardinia, an island in the Mediterranean Sea, his works often have a piscine angle. But when we sent him 15 random objects and asked him to craft something that represented the word fluffy, his response was rooted in dry land.

I’ll let him tell you the story:

“Last spring I was witness to the birth of three owl fledgings who lived on my land. They were small, young, and very vulnerable and cute with their coat of lovely, soft feathers. While they were learning to fly, they would try and reach me by flying up onto the table, but often they would miss their target and fall to the ground. Other times they would manage to get to the table and chirp away as happy as anything. Every morning I would open the window to greet my beautiful owls and they would converse merrily.”

But as is the way of all things, the babies grew up. “One day they left,” says Sergiusti, "and I missed them so. For me, they were dead. Adobe had sent me this box full of hard and cold pieces of metal just like my heart that was cold with sorrow. I was inspired by this contrast: my small, soft, fluffy fledgings and the cold feeling of sorrow that they had gone. Now my fledgings have a gravestone. And so they will rest forever in my heart.”

Sergiusti created the epitaph out of staples. “It took me ages to bend and to cut out the letters,” he acknowledges. Aside from the time he had to invest in the project, he didn’t encounter any difficulties. “I usually make my artworks out of recycled pieces and then assemble them to create yet another life, just as I put all the cold metal pieces together to create Fluffy.

For more of Sergiusti’s whimsy, visit his website.

September 22, 2016