5 & 3/4 Questions




http://www.ruben-gerard.com/ and https://www.instagram.com/rubengerard/

1. Describe yourself and your work.

I’m a French illustrator living and working in Paris, France. My work is a mix of strong graphic images and a large palette of inspiration from arts and pop culture. It’s always full of bright colors and powerful compositions.

2. How did you get started?

Right after I got graduated from my art school, I founded a studio with two friends; we did art direction, graphic design, mixed-media installations, and illustration. After seven years of research and experimentation, my partners and I decided that it was time to split and do our own thing. At that time it was crystal clear to me that my way was illustration, and I was lucky enough to find clients quite quickly, which helped me to have confidence in my skills…. Now it’s been five years, and I keep enjoying it as if it were the first day. Last week I did the cover of a magazine [below], and I was like a child at Christmas when I saw people reading it in the subway! This feeling is the best reward for a job.

3. What piece of work best represents you and why?

I’ll say that my last piece of work is most of the time the one that represents me the most. After five years, I keep experimenting and discovering new stuff that I put in my work. Even if I have a defined style, you can see that it’s evolving slowly from one year to the next.

This aspect is really important to me—as soon as I stop evolving, that means that I’m done with illustration.

4. What are you into currently?

Research, experimentation, study…as always! For a long time my motto was “simple is better,” but now I want to do more complex images, with more details and elements, a bit more surrealistic…. I might succeed—or not, and get back to simpler images. Time will tell.


5. What are three things you’ve learned that young creatives should know?

1. Find inspiration everywhere. Don’t watch other illustrators work; watch everywhere others are not watching: pottery, woodwork, glasswork…you name it!

2. Build your universe, with your references and your research from everywhere—build an artistic universe that belongs to you and no one else.

3. Produce. The truth belongs to those how do, not to those who talk.

5¼. Favorite color? It’s hard to choose a single color, but I’d say pink, because whatever color combination you choose, there is always room for some pink. It will bring something strange, both warm and cold, that always works.

5½. Favorite website? I'll say ffffound.com; even if the activity is slowing down every day, it’s still a good place to find unexpected images.

5¾. Pet peeve? Work on weekends.




January 27, 2017