Coca-Cola and Adobe Are Giving You License to Play

Coca-Cola is one of the most-recognizable brands in the world—its bottle, its script, even its particular shade of red are unmistakable. Now the company is sharing these iconic elements with you, along with an invitation: Incorporate the assets into a unique piece of art and share the results. To celebrate the creative community, Coca-Cola will make a one-time contribution of $35,000 to Special Olympics.


This brief is simple—the challenge is to bring a fresh eye to the project. The core design element is a circle; the core colors are white and, of course, red. Your visual cues are Coca-Cola, sport, and circle. You can use any app (or apps!) in the Adobe Creative Cloud to make your work.

Download the brief and these assets:

  • Coca-Cola Red Disc
  • Coca-Cola Spencerian Script
  • Coca-Cola Contour Bottle Icon
  • Coca-Cola Dynamic Ribbon
  • Coca-Cola Red: Hex E41E2B/ R:228 G:30B:43

To be sure we see your submission and add it to our online gallery, share your work on Behance, Instagram, or Twitter and include the hashtag #cokexadobexyou.


Talented designer and illustrator Lidia Lukianova tried her hand at the challenge. See her process in the video below.

For more inspiration, visit the CokexAdobexYou website.