After Supper Visions

By Terri Stone

The participants in After Supper Visions may not have homes, but they do have the urge to express their creativity.

Every Tuesday, after a meal served by the Chicago branch of Catholic Charities, participating guests learn about lighting, composition, and other photography essentials and then put their knowledge into practice throughout the year using cameras supplied by the After Supper Visions program. There are no strings attached, and what they shoot is up to them; a photo team develops the film or digital images and helps each artist choose three or four photos to be displayed in an annual gallery show.

Photos by Reginald H. (left) and Calvin G. (right). 

The prints, and cards and Christmas ornaments made from some of the photos, are on sale at the show and on the After Supper Visions website. Profits help the artists in a variety of ways, from buying food to paying utility bills.

Photos by Maurice C. (left) and Valerie B. (right.

Kristine Kappel, the director of communications for Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago, notes that the program “breaks down barriers and allows the public to see the artists as individuals.” 

Photos by Deborah A. (left) and Andy A. (right).

Visit the After Supper Visions website to see more of the artists’ work.

Click to watch a short film about the program.