This grid is the mesh modification system that was at the heart of Create Magazine's interactive facial-mapping projection experience at Adobe MAX 2017.

Your Face as a Work of Art

By Terri Stone

Each fall, Create Magazine supplements our digital content (website, newsletter, Twitter, Instagram) with an analog event: a booth at the Adobe MAX conference. We’ve tried everything from an upside-down photo booth to a large-scale re-creation of our WTFIT column.

This year, we partnered with The Experiential Company (TEC) to produce an interactive facial projection-mapping experience. Participants entered a room and sat down in front of a video projector. The TEC projection operator then fine-tuned a mesh modification system that matched the facial features in the animations to those of the person in the chair.

Then participants became works of art—literally—as we streamed the animations onto their faces and recorded the results. Participants walked away with custom videos that were unique mixes of animations pulled randomly from a pool of more than 20 designs. 

This is a screengrab from a video about the Create Magazine interactive facial-mapping projection experience.

Click to watch a short video about the facial projection-mapping experience.

What will we bring to next year’s MAX? We haven’t decided—but we know it won’t be like anything we’ve done before.

December 19, 2017