Illustrators to Follow on Instagram: Part Two

By Terri Stone

A few months ago, we rounded up ten Illustrators, painters, and muralists who are sharing their work on Instagram. Now we’re at it again with another ten artists who are worth following.

Did we miss your favorite Instagram illustrators? Post their usernames in the Comments section below and we may include them in the next collection.

Adrian Johnson (adrianjohnsonstudio) is an illustrator/graphic artist in the UK. If you’re fond of this example of his work, you can buy a print of it in his shop.

London resident Sylvain Marc (polyminthe) does production design, visual development, and animation for Sony Pictures Animation and Nickelodeon, among others. He also doodles while on the phone, as he showed in this Instagram post.

Dabs Myla (dabsmyla) is not one person, but a married couple from Australia who now live in Los Angeles. Their work ranges from paintings to set designs, with the couple’s sense of humor and bright palette spicing up every format.

Anano Miminoshvili (anano__) is an illustrator and fine artist living in Tbilisi, Georgia.

“Sr.García” (elsrgarcia) is, according to his website, the pseudonym of an award-winning illustrator. Although his client list is long, biographical details are short. I guess we’ll just have to embrace the mystery.

Pascal Campion (pascalcampionart) creates still and animated illustrations for a wide range of clients. The prolific French artist now lives in San Francisco.

Mike Yamada (myamada1979) is a children's book illustrator and works in visual development at Walt Disney Animation. Tune into his Instagram feed for peeks into the Disney short Inner Workings

Freelance illustrator and graphic designer Matt Carlson’s (plaidmtn) clients include Clif Bar and a kid’s camp. Carlson hails from Omaha, Nebraska.

Henn Kim (henn_kim) draws almost exclusively in black and white — even the photos on her feed are in grayscale. 

Is it still called “illustration” when the tools are needle and thread instead of pen or pixels? Check out Sofia Salazar (__hiedra__) on Instagram and make the call yourself. Be sure to watch one of the making-of videos while you’re there.

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February 15, 2017