How To Make Minimalistic Line Drawings

By Lidia Lukianova

With Adobe Illustrator CC’s Blend tool, it’s easy to turn two simple lines into a minimalistic yet intricate vector illustration.

I was inspired by Italian artist Andrea Minini, who can make a menagerie with just a few lines. See his work in “Andrea Minini’s Artful Blending.”  

Step 1: Begin by drawing a petal that consists of two parts. From Illustrator's Toolbar, select the Pen tool and draw two base lines. We’ll use these lines to make a blend.


Step 2: Select your lines and go to the Stroke panel, where you’ll change your stroke width and profile. To give your lines a more refined look, select a profile that resembles a calligraphy stroke.

Step 3: To make a blend and to fill the space between your lines with more lines, select the Blend tool and click anywhere on each original line.

Step 4: You can change the number of lines created in the blend by double-clicking the Blend tool, which opens the Blend Options dialog box. Specify the number of steps and check the Preview box to see the changes.

Step 5: To change the shape of the blended object and to close the corners, select your base lines with the Direct selection tool, move the anchor points, and adjust the handles.

Step 6: Repeat the steps above to create the second half of the petal. Continue adding more blends to shape your flower. Once all of the parts are done, bring them together to complete your art.

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March 22, 2017