Street Photographers to Follow on Instagram

By Charles Purdy

At its best, street photography can capture a story, a mood, or a personality in a mere instant. All around the world, street photographers are capturing spontaneous moments that provide us a window into the lives of people we will never meet and places we may never have a chance to visit.

There are so many great street photographers out there. We decided with this roundup to share a few that are focusing their lenses on their home cities (though many do travel as well). We love traveling vicariously on Instragram—so please share some of your favorite street photographers in the Comments section!


If you like Paris and people-watching, the account of @leoleoparis is for you. Go ahead and stare at these strangers; there’s no danger that you’ll be caught! 


Australian @peterwdavies is making his home in Mexico City and is using his camera (and his blog) to record life and cityscapes in that famously vibrant city and throughout Central America.


Join @liamwon9 on a luminous tour of Tokyo after dark. He trains his lens on neon and the way light reflects off of surfaces in an almost surreal way.


@cocu_liu’s eye on San Francisco often reveals the City by the Bay’s moodier side. He uses light in a very expressive way—we live in San Francisco, and his Instagram account is showing it to us like we haven't seen it before.


Lose yourself on the streets of Berlin, with the colorful photographs of @max10557.


The photographer @gustavominas captures life in Brazil’s largest city—his photos often have a mysterious, tense air. Each image tells a story.


@moscow_street_photo’s Instagram feed features gorgeous color photos of Russia’s capital city—they often have a miniature look. Check his Instagram profile for his other accounts, which feature black-and-white and nature photos.


@knowaphotographer describes his photographic mission as, in part, “looking for the funny in the sad.” He finds it—and many more emotions—in his photographs of the people and places of Charm City.


@colintempleton is a photojournalist who has won awards for his professional work. His Instagram account features candid shots of the people and places of Glasgow. 


@markusxandersen also experiments with “street video” snippets on his Instagram feed devoted primarily to photos of Australia’s largest city.


Celebrated New York street photographer @jamelshabazz—whose latest book of photography is coming out this month—posts new and classic work on his Instagram feed.

Don’t see your favorite street photographer here? Share a link to their Instagram feed in our Comments section!


April 17, 2017