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Best of Behance: Zooscope

By Jenny Carless

Who: Zooscope

What: Illustration, Branding, Graphic Design


Behance member since: 2016

Zooscope is a young, independent visual-design studio founded in 2015 and based in India. Its principals are Hunny Dastur and Vidit Narang, who studied together at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad.

“We believe in creating memorable visuals that are independent of medium,” Dastur says. “We try to define a strong collective voice that adds to contemporary visual culture. We’re always looking at new ways of expression.”

Dastur trained as an animator and Narang as a graphic designer, and both were eager to branch out beyond their individual fields.

Aromayur soap packaging

Zooscope’s branding and identity work for a new line of fragrant all-natural products caught our eye on Behance.

“We hit it off right away. While pursuing our respective careers, we started working together on projects in 2009,” Narang says. “The decision to collaborate came from a genuine admiration for one another’s work philosophy. Our shared influences and likes also made working together pretty intuitive.”


By 2015, the pair knew it was time to develop a full-time working relationship, and Zooscope was born.

“Working together as a studio lets us follow and refine our personal design process, while allowing us to take complete ownership over our work,” Narang explains. “We continuously aim to put our prior experience to the test—keeping our storytelling engaging and evocative while maintaining an ethical relationship with our clients.”

“This association has been a meaningful exchange of information, perspective, and validation,” Dastur adds. “As a team, we’ve learned the art of sharing responsibility, critiquing respectfully, and constantly challenging each other.”


Hem Corporation, one of India’s leading perfumed incense companies, commissioned Zooscope to create the identity and packaging design for Aromayur, a new line of all-natural products, including soaps.

boxes of aromayur soap
boxes of aromayur soap

The Zooscope team designed these retail boxes to also act as display units.

“Hem is targeting the overseas market—hence, we chose to take on a global aesthetic,” Dastur explains. “The monogram evokes wafting fragrance and is reminiscent of a seal—it gives the brand a premium feel. The minimal identity lays emphasis on fragrances and their components while being in tune with Aromayur’s ‘all-natural’ aspect.”

Zooscope incorporated flexibility into the design to allow for more variants in the future. Dastur and Narang used a common underlying grid that can be adapted to make custom illustrations using various scent ingredients. Color acts as an identifier and gives the product a shelf presence that stands out in a saturated market.

The packaging is subtly debossed.  

“We worked with certain limitations, owing to the export of the product, and had to be resourceful with the materials,” Narang says. “The retail box doubles as a display unit, making it cost-effective to produce. The subtle deboss, which we achieved using letterpress, adds to the tactile feel of the packaging, making it interesting to interact with.”


Like all of Zooscope’s projects, this one began with sketches on paper. Using these as references, the team created the logo and illustrations in Adobe Illustrator.

“We then used them in mockups made with Adobe Photoshop,” Dastur explains. “This process helped us compare color and layout choices for effectiveness. After many stages of refinement and iterations, we arrived at a language we were happy with. We put together the final print files in Adobe InDesign.”

sketch of the aromayur logo
aromayur logo on shopping bags

The project took a little longer than expected, but it turned out to be a fruitful experience.

“We learned a lot via trial and error,” Narang says. “The result was indeed special, and we’ve been gratified by the response to it.”


Both artists look forward to diversifying their scope and engaging with global clients and audiences in the future. “It’s a pretty exciting time to be doing this work,” Dastur says.

“Sharing work and inspiration within the artistic community is essential for holistic growth, and we certainly intend to continue doing this,” Narang notes. “The intersection of design and technology is fascinating—something we’d like to explore even more. We’re keen to experience interesting and unexpected collaborations across various creative media.”

Aromayur soap packaging

See more of Zooscope’s work on the studio’s Behance page.

May 17, 2017